Wander [001] 

AI, Chatbot

How to turn human knowledge into a speculative future? And how should participate?

Wander [001] is a multi-media public art project based on an AI chatbot.

Wander is an AI android travelling on the future earth. Send messages to her of any real-world locations, and she would visit and send sci-fi travel notes and street scenes from a random future time. Each trip would be like a text-based adventure for participants, but there's no fixed choice. All contents are generated through AI based on real-world location information.

Through public participation, the history of the journey would keep updating the future map. This is the future earth explored together by humans and AI.

I want to gathered art and AI technology together with speculative narrative, making people immerse in the fictional world with the most familiar message software. Till Nov 2021, more than 5000 people have joined the journey.


Siggraph Asia Art Galley, Daegu, Korea
ACM Multimedia - Interactive Art, Lisbon, Portugal
Immersive UK, Cardiff, Wales
BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Asia Digital Art Exhibition, Beijing
Shanghai Tongji Design Week


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Y. Sun, C. Cheng, Y. Xu, Y. Li, C. H. Lee and A. Asadipour. 2022. "Wander: An AI-driven Chatbot to Visit the Future Earth". Interactive art at 30th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM '22) https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3503161.3549971

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