Yuqian Sun

Yuqian Sun, also known as CheeseTalk, is a Chinese AI narrative researcher and artist based in London. She is currently a doctoral student at the Royal College of Art.

Focusing on the power of language, Yuqian aims to create 'alive' narrative experiences that extend beyond video games and into our daily lives through conversational AI agents, leveraging her expertise in interactive media. She explores this topic through chatbots, games and interactive installations, which expand the boundary of fiction through human or non-human language interactions.

Yuqian's interdisciplinary art projects have been featured in galleries and top computer science conferences including the SIGGRAPH, CVPR, Cologne Gamescom, ISEA, Berlin BBA Gallery, Shanghai Aiiiii Art Center, Seoul Media Facade, New York Times Square and Lumen Prize. She is also a guest panellist at NVIDIA GTC 2023 and an invited speaker at Autodesk and London College of Fashion.

(All available at my Research Gate and Google Scholar page)

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