Melting Universe 

Generative Art, Projection Mapping

This work joined Pixels Fest at The Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinbur, Russia.

Pangu is the first living being and the creator of all in Chinese mythology. In the beginning, there was nothing and the universe was in a nondual, featureless, formless primordial state. This primordial state coalesced into a cosmic egg for about 18,000 years. Within it, the perfectly opposed principles of Yin and Yang became balanced, and Pangu emerged from the egg.

Inspired by this, Melting universe depicts a speculative perception of our future in the space, where humanity becomes a symbiont with the universe. With the development of technology and society, the voidness and unknown challenges will keep us curious about the outer world above our planet, and push us to build the future utopia, where it fuses lives and stars. I try to lead a bizarre voyage in a tender universe, presenting the curiosity for our future.

Thank you for seeing this.