Hyborg Agency 

AI, Chatbot

A virtual world that fantasises new intelligent life form in 2600. The work is commissioned by X Virtual Incubator.

‘Hyborg Agency’ is a future organisation for intelligent mutants that manifest in life forms, itself a blend of ‘hybrid’ and ‘cyborg’ in the literal sense. In a mythical forest, three deer-like hyborgs are wandering, with few digital electronics floating around. Through three deer chatbots, the artist attempts to facilitate communication between participants and hyborgs, as well as to contest potential scenarios brought by the accelerated development of technology.

How to Play

Please tag any Hyborg (@nokia, @mac or @norb) in the chat box to start the conversation;

Please text in English or Chinese;

Please click the link at the end of the forest, and follow the instructions to feed the Hyborgs.

X Virtual Incubator by X museum, e-flux

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