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AI Nüshu

An Exploration of Language Emergence in Sisterhood 
Can AI learn from ancient Chinese women and create their own secret language? "AI Nüshu," an interactive art project that trained AI agents to imitate illiterate women in ancient China to create a new language system, symbolizing the defiance of patriarchal constraints and the emergence of language in a non-Western, feminist context.

Paper and artwork were presented at 2023 SIGGRAPH Asia.


Hyborg Agency

An online forest with a human discord chat channel, enabling communication with AI deer or 'hyborgs'. The forest metaphorically represents human society, where AI agents use the large language model (LLM) to learn and grow by knowledges, assimilating community thoughts as enriching nutrients.

Through the two-way interconnection of the virtual environment and daily communication platform, this work probes into a speculative future that non-human AI are naturally raised by humans through socially responsible technologies.

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1001 Nights

What if language could shape reality? 1001 Nights ia a narrative game inspired by Wittgenstein: ‘The limits of my language mean the limits of my world‘.

In this game, Shahrzad, the protagonist, can transform spoken stories from other people into tangible reality. She need to weave a tale to bewitch the king: when words like 'sword', knife', or `shield' are spoken, they will be materialised into real weapons for her to use ...

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